CBGA Capsules | 25MG Extra Strength CBGA Pills – 30 Count Bottle (750MG)


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A perfectly blended balance of full spectrum hemp CBGA with organic coconut oil. Cold-Pressed extraction process using no solvents. CBGA has been shown in a recent study of Journal of Natural Products to bind to our bodies Ligands to act as an Inhibitor to block the spike protein of the Sars-cov-2 and prevent infection of human cells. Other Cannabinoids have shown similar results, but CBGA has shown in vitro studies to be over 6 times more effective than CBD to inhibit SARS-CoV infection.

  • 30 count bottle / 750MG
  • 25MG CBGA per capsule
  • Ingredients: Pesticide-free hemp, Organic cold-pressed coconut oil, Filtered water, Hypromellose (plant cellulose) capsules. ALLERGEN WARNING:Contains Tree Nuts (coconut).

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*Please do not confuse research showing positive effects of CBGA on Covid-19 with it being a successful treatment. Please consult with your doctor if you, or someone you know, is dealing with Covid-19.*


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