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Trial Sized CBD and CBG


CBD and CBG Trial Packs

Many people’s CBD journey’s start the same way. They will initially hear about it through an article or a friend who has been using. They will say something like “I tried everything to fix a health-related problem and nothing worked, but then I tried CBD…”

Now there is a general interest, but knowing where to start can be next to impossible. Even if you have found a brand that you feel comfortable with and trust, how do you know what sort of dosage is most appropriate for your treatment?

With our trial packs, we’ve worked hard to take a lot of this guess work out deciding how much CBD or CBG is right for your.

We offer 100MG trial packs for our 10, 25 and 50MG capsules that let you sample various strengths of our product without having to commit to larger quantities that may not be right for you.

The best part is that all of our sample packs are $10 or less. Once you get a better understand of the effects and settle into your dosage, you can then invest in larger quantities like our 30 count, 250 count bottles, and bulk.

  • cbd-pill-trial-pack

    10MG Regular Strength CBD Pills – 10 Count Trial Pack (100MG)

  • 25MG Extra Strength CBD Pills – 4 Count Trial Pack (100MG)

  • trill-pills-trial-pack-cbd-50mg

    50MG Super Strength CBD Pills – 2 Count Trial Pack (100MG)

  • CBG | 25MG Extra Strength CBG Pills – 4 Count Trial Pack (100MG)



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