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Pure  Hemp CBD for Pets


Perfect for Pets

For years our customers have been asking if we have a specific product that can help their pets deal with common ailments like stress, arthritis and insomnia. The good news is that we do! It’s called Trill Pills and it’s the exact same product we sell to humans.

At the end of the day, the best CBD product for pets is the same gluten-free, solvent-free, sugar-free 100% vegan CBD oils and capsules we sell everyday.


Our MCT + CBD oils pack the same overall benefits as our award-winning capsules but in a convenient oil and dropper delivery system. It’s fast acting, it’s convenient, it works.

CBD / CBG Capsules

Our pure hemp CBD and CBG capsules are a best-in-class solution for your needs. Our products are proudly free of additives, gluten and solvents, giving you the cleanest CBD experience on the market.

  • trill-pills-cbd-10mg-capsules

    10MG Regular Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (300MG)

  • 25mg-cbd-pills-30-count

    25MG Extra Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (750MG)

  • trill-pills-cbd-50mg-capsules

    50MG Super Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (1500MG)

  • trill-pills-mtc-cbd-oil-300mg

    300MG Regular Strength MTC CBD Oil – 30ML bottle – .25MG / Drop

  • trill-pills-mtc-cbd-oil-750mg

    750MG Extra Strength MTC CBD Oil – 30ML bottle – 1.25MG / Drop

  • trill-pills-mtc-cbd-oil-1500mg

    1,500MG Super Strength MCT CBD Oil – 30ML Bottle – 2.5MG / Drop