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Pure  Hemp CBD for Pets


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Perfect for Pets

I have been asked for years by our Trill Pills customers if CBD can help their pets to unlock a host of wellness benefits the same way it helps them. If your pet is a mammal, the answer is yes!

All mammals have an endo-cannabinoid system, the same as you and I have. The next question is how much should I give them? The answer is the same as it is with humans – you need to start with a low dose of 1.65mg-5mg for a small pet, and 5mg-10mg for larger ones. The next step is to see how your pet reacts after 45 minutes – 1 hour, and consider if you are getting the desired effect. If not, continue to increase the dose until you get the desired effects.

Make sure you keep a journal of when, and what milligram you have given your pet, this way you should be able to find the optimal dose for them. You can use this same dosing video for your pet.

When using Trill Pills Pet products, you know you will be getting the same most effective, cleanest, full spectrum CBD on the market today with no fillers or additives ever. As always, you can set up a free phone consultation with us through our Contact Page.

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    Pet CBD Capsules | 25MG Extra Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (750MG)

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    Pet CBD Capsules | 10MG Regular Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (300MG)

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    1,000MG Pet MTC CBD Oil – 30ML bottle – 1.65MG / Drop



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