Third-Party Testing

Clean Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Products Are Our Top Priority! That’s why we only use local Colorado-grown hemp and test it three times before the product is shipped to our customers. Our products are processed minimally in Boulder, CO without the use of solvents, fillers, or additives. 

Each Trill Pills product is batch tested for potency by third-party labs! We test for cannabinoid profile (potency), microbial contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents (although no solvents are ever used!).

test #1

At the Farm

The hemp is first tested at the farm for the plant’s potency and for any contaminants . Once we have these results we know roughly how much CBD we should be able to get out of each batch. 

test #2

Batch Testing

Test #2 is done after our purification process of the hemp. The hemp is extracted into large batches and those batches are tested for contaminants and the amount of viable CBD. If those test are in line with the expectations from the initial test, the batches are released to production. If not, they are tested again and reevaluated.

Final testing

Unit Testing

From there, it is tested one final time. For the final testing we are looking for an accurate dose per capsule or tincture that matches the product strength level. This way you know exactly what you’re getting each and every time you order.

Cannabinoid Profile and Potency Analysis

10MG Capsule #LEO-C10-07
  • LEO-C10-07
  • .04% THC
  • Exp. 04/01/25

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25MG Capsule #LEO-C25-05
  • LEO-C25-05
  • .09% THC
  • Exp. 03/31/24

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50MG Capsule #LEO-C50-051
  • LEO-C50-051
  • .17% THC
  • Exp. 03/31/24

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25MG CBG Capsule #LEO-CBG-2503
  • LEO-CBG-2503
  • THC N/D
  • Exp. 03/17/23

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25MG CBGA Capsule #LEO-CBGA-C2501
  • LEO-CBGA-C2501
  • .021% THC
  • Exp. 04/04/24

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300MG MCT #012819WHRM
  • 012819WHRM
  • .05% THC
  • Exp. 01/28/21

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1,000MG MCT #LEO-M37-01
  • LEO-M37-01
  • .12% THC
  • Exp. 03/31/24

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1500MG MCT #LEO-M55-T1
  • LEO-M55-T1
  • .16% THC
  • Exp. 02/15/23

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BULK MCT Oil #101619HMM50
  • 101619HMM50
  • .16% THC
  • Exp. 10/16/21

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Pain Relief Cream #2208301
  • Sampled: Trill Pain Relief Cream
  • Analysis: Potency
  • Result: 2MG/G CBD
  • Test Completed: 10/10/2023

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Pain Relief Stick #LEO-TMB-06
  • Sampled: Trill Pain Relief Stick
  • Analysis: Potency
  • Result: 20.5MG/G CBD
  • Test Completed: 1/26/2022

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    100% colorado Proud

    We are proud to offer a product that is grown, transported, extracted and packaged 100% in the great state of Colorado. The Colorado Proud symbol ensures that you are receiving high-quality fresh products and helping Colorado’s economy, local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers and processors in your area.


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