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About Trill

We’ve worked with thousands of clients through the years and have found that most successful clients include CBD in their regimen. Lab results show that Trill Pills and Trill MCT Oil are some of the cleanest hemp CBD products available, produced using our patented cannabinoid purification process. Our Super Strength Trill Pills won the Best Hemp CBD Capsules title in 2018 at the INDO EXPO product competition, and again in 2019.

Our mission has stayed the same since the start; to help clients achieve wellness. Over 70% of our business comes from repeat customers. This is for a reason. With Trill you know that you will get the best, cleanest CBD product money can buy. 


Clean CBD Solutions

Only the good stuff

We only use local Colorado-grown hemp directly from the source. Our products are processed minimally in Boulder, CO without the use of solvents, fillers, or additives. See what separates Trill Pills from the other guys.

Dosing Information

We get asked all the time how much CBD or CBG should I take and when should I take it. The answer always depends on what you are trying to achieve by taking CBD or CBG. In order to help you find your optimal dose we have put this short dosing video together to help you, but if you still have questions please feel free to set up a free phone consultation with us.

We sell sample sizes as well! Try yours today.

cbd trial packs

CBD / CBG Capsules

Our pure hemp CBD and CBG capsules are a best-in-class solution for your needs. Our products are proudly free of additives, gluten and solvents, giving you the cleanest CBD experience on the market.

  • trill-pills-cbd-10mg-capsules

    10MG Regular Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (300MG)

  • 25mg-cbd-pills-30-count

    25MG Extra Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (750MG)

  • trill-pills-cbd-50mg-capsules

    50MG Super Strength CBD Pills – 30 Count Bottle (1500MG)



Our MCT + CBD oils pack the same overall benefits as our award-winning capsules but in a convenient oil and dropper delivery system. It’s fast acting, it’s convenient, it works.

  • trill-pills-mtc-cbd-oil-300mg

    300MG Regular Strength MTC CBD Oil – 30ML bottle – .25MG / Drop

  • trill-pills-mtc-cbd-oil-750mg

    750MG Extra Strength MTC CBD Oil – 30ML bottle – 1.25MG / Drop

  • trill-pills-mtc-cbd-oil-1500mg

    1,500MG Super Strength MCT CBD Oil – 30ML Bottle – 2.5MG / Drop


CBD Pain Relief Cream

The Trill Pills team is proud to provide topical CBD solutions for pain management and relief. This is the easiest way to use our products. Simply massage into your aching joints and muscles. That’s it!

  • 4OZ CBD Pain Relief Cream (240MG)

  • 50ml-cbd-pain-relief-cream

    1.7OZ CBD Pain Relief Cream (100MG CBD)

  • Trill Pain Relief Cream // SAMPLE-SIZE


CBD for Pets

Your pets deserve the best all hemp CBD products. Treat your fur friends with Trill Pills CBD. Our CBD products are safe for animals and a favorite of owners.

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Shuga is no longer stiff and has been keeping up all day, everyday, with my 3 year old golden on hikes and swimming at the lake. Thanks so much Trill for so drastically improving the quality of life for our Shuga and for us!


CBG Pills

An alternative to the CBD you are used to, CBG is also a type of cannabinoid that provides a more active experience alongside the health benefits you are used to getting from Trill Pills CBD products.

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